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Grand Canyon Winter Motorcycle Ride Video

Following up on his earlier Grand Canyon ride recap, stuntrider Ernie Vigil brings us a mini-documentary on the ride and the adventures that surrounded the trip. WARNING: some of this video might not be safe for work (or your stomach if you’re the queasy type).

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Here’s what Ernie had to say on his blog:

“Here it is in all its glory. The now annual Grand Canyon adventure! When good friend and old school stunt pioneer Nick Hill hinted about a possible ride through the Grand Canyon in the middle of winter,Nick and I were sure to take him up on it. OCMoto.com which is a very active and functional moto message board out of the Orange County area has been hosting the ride for a few years now. Prior to this ride I think the most miles Ive logged was something like 140 miles round trip. And that was with stops! This ride alone more than quadrupled that. We got pounded by rain, snow, fog, all in the freezing cold and the dead of winter but underneath the helmet was a shit eating grin the whole time. I think its fair to say that this ride brought us back to our roots. Now a days riding consists of loading a bike into the van and practicing in some random parking lot for hours upon hours. Both Nick and myself prior to this whole stunt riding gig were full on motorcycle enthusiasts. All we did was ride the open road. Now thanks to OCMoto and our good friend Nick Hill we’ve managed to relight the flame only now the adrenaline junkie has taken over and we need to one up it. The creative juices are flowing and I’m sure we’re gonna hate ourselves later but thats the life and times of a broke stunt rider on a mission!

Huge thanks to ICON for providing us with the tools to get the job done. The new Patrol Gear is beyond amazing. Im talking better than actual snowboard gear good. Its the business. The entire time we were completely dry and warm. We road through the thickest of thick. Soaked! We sprung no leaks and even the deeds foot could feel the love. Let me just say we would of had a hell of a time making it happen without it. Can you say Hypothermia? Also thanks to everyone that helped get the bikes in order. We rode our janky Hypermotards that had 2 seasons of ass kicking on them. We werent sure they were even gonna make it to be honest. Galfer, Avon Tires, and LeoVince all stepped up to get us through the mayhem. Thank you for that. Until next time!”

Ernie “Edub” Vigil

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The Reason Behind the Wave®

We produce a Wave® rotor for far more reasons than just having a cool looking design. The patented Wave® design actually serves a purpose. Whether its offroad motorcycle brake rotors, street bike brake rotors, or ATV brake rotors, a Wave® rotor can produce much more grip and sustain it throughout the entire braking process due to the “Wave®s” in our rotors. The wave design actually helps keep your braking system cooler than a standard round rotor.

Heat has and will probably always be a problem with braking systems however the wave in our rotor can help solve much of the heat issue. How? Let’s explain a bit further…

On a normal round rotor, the leading edge (think toe-in) of the brake pad is in contact with the entire height of the blade as the pressure is applied. Because the contact covers the entire height of the blade heat buildup takes much less time to occur and you end up with heat related problems like brake fade, glazing your pads, thermal lockup, and overall inconsistent braking performance. Our Wave® rotor takes that same leading edge of contact between the blade and the pad while constantly moving it up and down, minimizing heat build up and its inherent problems like overheating which could lead to a warped rotor.

Want to know more? Contact us via email or phone and we’ll be happy to help you make the right decision for your powersports braking needs.

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Galfer 2011 Sponsored Riders

Galfer is pleased to support the following riders for the 2011 season. Every rider, team & league we sponsor is a part of the Galfer family and we wish the best of luck and results for everyone who continues to support the Galfer brand. Thank you!

Pro Level – Sponsorships
Privateer Racing League – SX / MX
Hunter Hewitt – SX / MX
Hart and Huntington – SX / MX
Rockstar Suzuki Race Team – Xtreme Pro Lites
Bomb Squad Racing – ATV
M4 Suzuki “Team Hammer” – Street
Nick Apex – Stuntrider
Ernie Vigil – Stuntrider
Clint Ewing – Stuntrider
Chris “Teach” McNeil – Stuntrider

Level A – Sponsorships
Angel Atwell – ATV
Reed Petchnick – ATV
WM Xtreme Taylor Miller – Offroad
Chris Gault – Offroad
Jake Lewis – Street
Javelin Broderick – Street
Jim Barry – Street
Joey Pascarella – Street
Marisol Lacour – Street
Shandra Crawford – Street
Shannon Moham – Street
David Zylberberg – Street
Ninja Twins (Niccole Cox and Andrew) – Street
Blair Layton – Street
Breeann Poland/ Crozier & Roberson Motorsports Team – Street
Brain Bartlow – Street
Lex Hartel – Street
Cole Crowley – Flat Track

Level B – Sponsorships

Aaron Arters – ATV
David Bohnstadt – ATV
Jay Humphrey – ATV
Patrick Edmonds – ATV
Patrick McGuire – ATV
Paul Hart jr. – ATV
Nacs Racing – ATV
LTD Racing – Street
Oleg Pianykh – Street
John Butler – Street
Joel Spalding – Street
Jason Aguilar – Street
Hunter Coffin – Street
Cameron Gish – Street
Allan Burley – Street
Thomas Fauver – Offroad
Lance Phillips – Offroad
Greg Ruffoni – Offroad
Garrett Powel – Offroad
Eric Robinson – Offroad
Bob Roberts – Offroad
Andrew Morris – Stuntrider

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Upgrading to Galfer Brakes

By Ernie “Edub” Vigil

With the new Project Lightweight well underway comes the need to upgrade the most important aspect of the bike. The braking system. For the last two years I’ve slowly upgraded to better and better parts. With each upgrade comes the benefits of that upgrade. For example: Pairing the master piston diameter with the braking system giving you the ability to choose the amount of lever feel your looking for through altering the bore size on the master. For 2011 the plan is to build the machine I’ve always wanted to build. Taking a 2004 Kawasaki 636 which has pretty much become the staple bike and revamping it for the times. The goal: Lightweight, more power, with maximum braking.

The plan is to completely revamp the entire front end. First starting with the front end itself. For the last 2 years Ive run a 2006 Kawasaki 636 model front end which has done well but the time to upgrade is here. For 2011 I will be going with a 2009 Kawasaki zx6r front end that is a lot more advanced then the 2006 model. High and Low speed dampening along with the Big Piston Forks should net me some much needed results. Having it massaged by Race Tech shouldn’t hurt either. From there its off to the braking system. After tons of success with the Galfer discs on the Hypermotard in near freezing temperatures the time to run aftermarket rotors has finally come. The plan is to run Galfers Superbike Wave Rotors. Not only are the rotors built way better than the stock units, they’ll also have better grip as well as dissipate heat faster. Not to mention the rotors themselves look bad ass!

Galfer Superbike Wave Rotors

Galfer Superbike Wave® rotors are made of a proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel for increased memory retention during heat cycles.

Each Superbike Wave® disc is laser cut for precision and to eliminate the stress most other discs occur during stamped manufacturing, and cryo treated for longer lasting performance.

Patented Wave® design includes not only an outer Wave® but also an inner Wave® which equalizes heat transfer and dissipates much faster.

Galfer Superbike Wave® rotors feature full floating buttons which ensure optimum pad to rotor contact for maximum stopping force and feel.

In the end the journey of building the ultimate bike has consumed my life. With the upgraded front end, new rotors, new front master, and steel braided lines, the bike should feel amazing. Pairing this with the shaved weight and extra power should make for good times. Really good times! Now I’m stuck with the dilemma of not being able to build the bike fast enough. Sure I have a bike to ride in the meantime but the new bike is gonna be bad ass and Id be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to ready give it hell! Braaaap!

Ernie “Edub” Vigil

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