Cole Crowley Race Report – Lodi Cycle Bowl TT Track

On September 24, 2011 I raced at Lodi Cycle Bowl. Today’s race was on the TT track which was might favorite track, so today I was over excited to go ride. In practice I felt pretty good and the bike felt like it was working good. I was having a blast and didn’t want to get off the track. I hadn’t rode the TT track in a long time so I was having a ton of fun. We made a few adjustments to the bike after the last practice because the bike was spinning up.

Now my heat race was up and I was 2nd pick in the groove on the front line so I knew that I had a good chance of getting the whole shot. Off the start I barely got the whole shot by shutting the door on second place. I rode as hard as I could for the first 3 laps and took a glance back at the other riders in the hairpin turn and realized that I had a pretty good gap. So I took it easy for the rest of the rest to save my tire and ended up winning my race.

Since I won my race it put me in the dash for cash. A 4 lap race for money. Everyone goes fast as they can and rides ruthless for 4 laps to try to win the money. In the dash I had 2nd pick on the front row. Off the start I barely squeaked out the holeshot and could barley keep 1st place position going through the first lap. I tried to pull away from second place but he kept staying right with me and trying to pass me. So I realized that I had to tighten up my lines for the next to laps to protect my lead. I tightened my lines way up and held the lead for the whole race and won the dash for cash.

Now it was time for the main event. I had second pick on the front row and pick the very outside line. I got the whole shot and knew that I had to get a lead quick. I pushed as hard as I could to get a lead and I did. But about 4 laps in my tire started to go away and I started spinning a lot. I was trying very hard to use throttle control to keep the bike from spinning but I just couldn’t get it to stop. I held the lead up until the end of the 6th lap. Coming out of the second right hand turn my bike spun up really bad and 2nd place passed me. I tried hard to chase him down but just couldn’t do it. I ended up finishing in 2nd place.

Overall had another fun race day and cant wait to go racing again. Next race up Will be the AMA Pro race at Calistoga on October 1st. Come and watch me and all the other pro riders tear it up. Its going to be a race to see. Thanks a bunch to all of my sponsors for all of your help and support.

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Cole Crowley’s Race Report – Lodi Cycle Bowl – September 17th, 2011

By Cole Crowley

I raced at Lodi Cycle Bowl on September 17th, 2011. In practice the bike was working pretty good. We got the bike working really good by the end of practice and were happy with our results. I was ready for the heat race.

In my heat race I was last pick, but luckily pole position was on the inside so I got to be on the outside in the groove. Off the start I got the whole shot and started to pull away. Each lap I was pulling away more and more from second and third place. My bike was working so well and I was having so much fun. By the end of the race I was already a half a lap ahead of the other riders and finished 1st. That put me in the dash for cash. I was excited that I had a good shot at winning that.

In the dash for cash I had 2nd pick on the front row. I picked the middle of the track. Off the start we all went 4 wide into turn one. Next thing I know I am crawling off the track and then I blacked out. The next thing I remember after that was getting up with my helmet off not really knowing where I was. It took me a few seconds to figure out where I was, then it took me another few seconds to figure out that I had crashed. As soon as I figured everything out I was determined to get back on the bike and race. I put my helmet back on and lined up at the starting line again. The race was a little fuzzy and I don’t remember much but I think I ended up finishing about 2nd to last in the dash for cash.

After I pulled back in to the pits everybody came to check to see if I was ok. I said I was ok and wanted to race the main event. I had messed up my leg to where I couldn’t put much pressure on it. We found out that my muffler had a hole in it from someone’s foot peg so we had to borrow a pipe. In the main event I had 2nd pick on the front row and chose all the way on the outside. I almost got the hole shot but was 2nd going into turn 1 but got shoved wide and was in 3rd place. I caught right back up to 2nd place and was trying everything to pass him. I gave it my all but just couldn’t pass 2nd place. I went for one last attempt to pass second place on the outside in the last turn but then 4th place comes out of no where and runs right into me and I almost fell again. I ended up finishing in 4th.

Overall, I went home barely being able to walk and a headache. But it could have been worse. Hoping to recover fully for the next race. I’d like to thank all of my sponsors for all of their help and support. With out you guys, I would not be out here living my dream. And a special thanks to Zane, for letting me borrow his exhaust pipe. Next race will be at lodi cycle bowl for the TT track on September 24th, 2011.

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LTD Racing Ends 2011 Season on a High Note

Under the direction of Gary Medley, Team LTD/ Y.E.S. wrapped up the 2011 AMA Pro Road Racing season on a high note as Huntley Nash bags a top ten in Daytona Sportbike, while teammate David Gaviria hits the podium and collects his #1 West Champion plate in the SuperSport series.

Video by On The Throttle

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Tyler Linders: WSMC at Willow Springs Raceway

News from Tyler Linders — September 17 & 18, 2011

We drove up to the races on Friday night sporting some new bodywork. The SV650 was looking much better than before. We arrived late at night and setup some of the pit. Then we sat around and talked a little about racing and went to bed.

Saturday morning we finished setting up the pit and put my sponsor stickers on the bike. I went out for my first practice and felt good, but there were some suspension problems. Throughout the day we dialed in the bike and got it handling good thanks to Tige Daane and James Morse from Cyclemall. I set a personal best in practice at a 1:28.49, but in the last session of practice I was flat out in turn 8 when the motor blew. I quickly pulled in the clutch and shut off the bike. I was feeling great about the weekend up until that point.

Huge thanks to Jason Zambanini and Tige Daane for getting a backup bike to the track late Saturday night. Jason, Tige, my Dad, and I worked hard pulling the motor out of my bike and the backup bike. Then we put the motor from the backup bike into my bike. We started it up and it ran! It was a huge relief. We had our fingers crossed for Sunday, hoping the bike would work properly.

Sunday morning I went out for my practice session and the bike felt great. I was ready for the races. My first race was 650 GP Twins. I started on the left of the second row. I got a great start from the second row and passed Evan Markus into T1. I put my head down and tried to pull away with Jason Catching a few hundred feet back. Catching wasn’t gaining on me and I wasn’t pulling away from him. During the second lap Reavy and Garcia crashed out in T2. The race was red flagged and it was restarted as a 6 lap race. We gridded up in the same spots, but I got a poor start. I was in third coming into T1 and passed Zambanini coming out of T1. I got a good run on Markus and passed him around the outside in T2. I put down some great laps when I was pulling away from the field, set a lap record at a 1:27.198, and I finished in 1st place.

My next race was Formula Twins Lightweight. This race is sponsored by Cyclemall. I started on the third row in this race and had an amazing start. I was in 1st place coming into T1. From there until the end of the race I was managing the gap and my best time was a 1:28.9. I finished in 1st place and won $120 from Cyclemall. The tire was going off on the right side, so we flipped the tire for the last race.

In the last race, 550 Superbike, the tire felt like new. I started on the second row and got a bad start. I was in 3rd place coming into T1 and passed Zambanini coming out of T1 for 2nd place. Markus was next on my list. I followed him through T2 and got enough of a drive on Markus to pass him under braking into T3. I pushed hard and set another lap record at a 1:27.213 and I finished the race in 1st place. This weekend was a big success especially because of the help from all of my sponsors. I couldn’t have done it without these guys.

Thank you to my current sponsors:
Concept Five
Fastrack Riders
Next Moto Champion
CM Motorsports
Race Tech
Mid Cities Honda
Power Stands Racing
NEXX Helmets
Advanced Motorcycle Gear
Outlaw Racing
BARF Racing
California Superbike School
Shorai Power
Motul Lubricants
Zero Gravity
Lockhart Phillips
Cycle Gear

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Cole Crowleys Race Report – Gene Romero Race at Lodi Cycle Bowl

By Cole Crowley

On September 10th, 2011 I raced at Lodi Cycle Bowl. It was part Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat track Series. The track wasn’t going to be prepped by the regular people that usually prep the track, so I was excited to see how the track was going to turn out. I was hoping that the track would turn out stickier than normal. I went out for the first practice and the bike was spinning a lot. We tried lowering the air pressure in the tire and I went out for the second practice. In the second practice the bike wasn’t working much better than it was in the first practice. We tried adjusting the suspension and some other things but just couldn’t get the bike to hook up good. The track ended up being slicker than normal which was even more of a disadvantage for me because my bike was already spinning a lot.

Next was time trails. You got to go around the track one lap for a warm up all by yourself and then the next lap that you come around they timed your lap. The person with the fastest lap got first pick in the front row of their heats. I ended up getting the 6th fastest time in qualifying. Which was going to give me 2nd pick in my heat because there was 3 heats.

In my heat race I had second pick on the front row, I got kind of close to the outside of the track so that I was in the groove. I battled to get the hole shot going into turn one but second place ran into to me and hit me out of the way and I lost the hole shot. I caught back up to the leader and was right behind him. I tried everything that I could think of to pass him and realized that it wasn’t going to work so I started bumping him in every turn and pushing him to try to get him to make a mistake. He didn’t end up making any mistakes so I ended up taking 2nd place. In the main event I had 5th pick in the front row which made me have to start in the dust. Off the start I was 3rd going into turn 1. I was doing ok but after about 2 laps my bike started to spin really bad. I got passed coming out of turn 2 because I was spinning really bad. I tried my best to use throttle control not to spin but it just wasn’t working. A few laps later I noticed that 5th place was catching me. I tried my best to hold him off for the rest of the race but it was going to be hard because of all the spinning I was doing. On the last lap in the last turn he ended up passing me and I ended up taking 5th place.

Even though the bike wasn’t working the best I still had fun and cant wait to race again. Thanks a lot to all of my sponsors. Next up I will be road racing at Thunderhill Raceway on September 11th, 2011.

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Rider Profile: John Nguyen

Some people call it a hobby. Others say it’s an addiction. John Nguyen says that roadracing is more like a disease, one that shows no sign of being cured.

For the past six years, John has been racing with AFM, a roadracing series in California. The 27-year old from San Luis Obispo, California, competes in the Open Superbike and Open GP classes, two of the fastest, most competitive classes in AFM.

“My goal is to qualify for Formula Pacific, the club’s premier class with only the fastest riders on the fastest bikes,” says John, who has had his expert license for the past four years.

That competitive edge doesn’t just manifest on the racetrack; it’s also apparent in John’s garage, where he hand-built his 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1.

“I ordered a stock frame from Yamaha and hand-picked every part, including the motor, and assembled the entire bike from pieces,” John explains. “I even painted it myself. I am the only person who works on or rides my bike.”

The result is an R1 that can go fast, but it can stop with speed and control, too, thanks to Galfer brakes. Off the track, John stops for one thing: personal fitness. And, he admits, it’s hard to turn down other pursuits that promise a good adrenaline rush. “I am a huge gym rat and love weight training. But I love anything with wheels that goes fast. I also occasionally enjoy riding my 10-speed road bicycle, snow boarding, wake boarding, and hiking,” he says.

He might be fast now, but John says he’s still learning and getting faster with every new experience (the roadracing disease will do that to a guy). He especially enjoys riding with veterans of the sport.

One of those veterans is multi-championship winner Corey Sarros. “We do track days together now and again, and riding with him is always mind blowing. He will give me tips or tow me around the track, and the speed with him is always mind numbing,” says John. “I have also been on track with World Superbike champion Doug Polen, and to be on track with them and watch them ride truly puts their speed and skill into a perspective that you could never understand unless you are on track with them trying to catch them.”

Like John, we hope his roadracing “disease” continues to progress. He’s showing all the symptoms: skill, speed, and the driving desire to win.

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KWS Motorsports and Millennium Technologies Win Again at WERA Barber National

Charleston, SC – September, 2011 – KWS Motorsports and Galfer USA sponsored rider Jake Lewis won two races and achieved two more podium finishes at the WERA National event at Barber Motorsports Park.

2011 750 Superstock and Superbike champion Jake Lewis continued his dominance of the 750 classes by winning both races by comfortable margins on his KWS Motorsports built, Earl’s Racing Yamaha R6. In the 600 Superstock and 600 Superbike races, Lewis faced tough competition from recent AMA Pro SuperSport winner Garrett Gerloff. The two young riders were easily the fastest riders at the event, turning incredible lap times on their Dunlop equipped R6′s, but Gerloff was able to pull out the advantage for the wins. Lewis finished a close second in both classes maintaining his points lead in 600 Superbike and making it only five points back in 600 Superstock. Both championships will come down the final event of the season at the WERA Grand National Finals at Road Atlanta.

Jake Lewis – “We had a great time this weekend and the Earl’s Racing R6 ran great, we just didn’t have the speed for Garrett in the 600 classes so I tried to ride smart get the most points possible. I was really happy to get the wins in the 750 classes and I am super excited about going to the GNF and racing for the 600 championships. Thanks to Earl’s Racing Team, Roclun, Princeton Pawn, STT, Dunlop, Roadracing World and of course Millennium and KWS!”

Chip Spalding (KWS Manager) – “Once again, Jake did a great job, rode smart, and came home with the points. Jake already has two championships locked up and Jake will win a couple of more at the GNF if doing what he has been doing all year.

Jake Lewis ( is proudly sponsored by: Hayden Brothers General Store, Earl’s Racing Team, 3rd Chance Auto Sales, KWS Motorsports, Millennium Technologies, Apex Manufacturing, Sportbike Track Time, Roclun International,, Race Tech, Princeton Pawn, Alpinestars, Arai, HotBodies, Vortex, Galfer, Dunlop, Oakley, RK, VP Fuels, and Motul Lubricants.

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Jake Dolan Race Report – Fontana – September 2011

It was a mixed bag for Jake at Fontana (California Speedway) for the final Californian race of the WERA West series.

Firstly, two points must be considered. Firstly Jake did this race meeting single handed. I had to fly to Atlanta, Georgia for a last minute sales meeting and secondly, Jake did his usual trick of no practice.

He was unable to afford the Saturday practice, so put his faith in the 2 x 15 minute sessions on Sunday morning. That’s great, but he missed the 1st because he was was still having tires changed and the second was almost a disaster because the pit lane scrutineer turned him around as the front calipers were not wire locked in the rush to get on the track. End result ? Two full laps of practice on a new track and a new brand/type of tire.

Jake was trying the new DOT Bridgestone R10 tires, Medium front, Hard rear.

The California Speedway is a NASCAR circuit, with high banking in some areas and a strange mixture of corners infield to make a proper circuit. Its an awesome complex and can seat over 100,000 on a good day.

Race 1

A Superstock Expert – 15 starters. 6 laps. A good race start saw Jake in 4th place, then 3rd for most of the race. He was catching 2nd when tragedy struck. He went down in the first left hand bend after the banking, losing the new front, which displayed a tendancy to ‘tuck under’.

A light crash, made even lighter by the excellent R&G slider and crash products fitted. Surely these must be the world’s best protection kit for street or race motorcycles. (see pics)

Jake Dolan's bike after crash

Jake Dolan's bike after crash

Total damage was left handle bar, screen, brake reservoir, instrument bracket, dented tank, fiberglass fairing and twisted subframe. Thankfully Jake was unhurt.

To the credit of Jake and supporting people in the area, the bike was patched up using Suzuki and non Suzuki parts and the ‘frankenstein’ was ready for race 2.

Race 2

Formula 1 Expert – 16 starter, shortened to 4 laps. Again, a good start saw Jake 4th into the first corner. He was the only one not on slicks and most other bikes were superbikes, not superstock. Jake held 4th until lap 3 and then on the final lap, he was outpowered down the straight to finish 6th. Not a bad result considering the opposition and what happened in the previous race.

Race 3

A Superbike Expert – 22 starters, shortened to 4 laps. In a repeat of Race 2, Jake was into the 1st corner well, holding 3rd for the first 3 laps, against full superbikes on slick tires, but was again passed by two faster bikes down the straight to finish 5th over all, easily the only bike on street tires and only superstock bike in the field.

What could have been better could also have been worse, but all things considered, a reasonable performance and a good bounce back from the crash.

Special thanks must be given to AIP Racing, who cured the engine power issues from the previous meeting and also James from Bridgestone who was ‘hands on’ for the bike’s repairs from Race one’s fall.

The braking was awesome, thanks to Galfer. Now we just have to dial in the handling a bit more and polish it up for next weekend at Willow Springs.

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How to Bleed Motorcycle Brake Lines (video)

In this video, Aaron and Robert give you a hands-on demonstration of how to bleed brake lines on your motorcycle. By properly bleeding your brake lines, you can help get the maximum feel and performance from your brake lever.

Watch more instructional videos:

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Cole Crowley’s Race Report from Thunderhill Raceway

By Cole Crowley

Today on September 11, 2011 I was road racing at Thunderhill Raceway. I missed the practice day because I was racing at Lodi Cycle Bowl. Since I missed the practice day I was only able to do the warm up practice in the morning before the races. I rode the morning practice and felt pretty good. I was excited to race because I felt really good in the morning practice.

My first race was the 600 production class. I was lined up 18th on the grid. There was about 40-50 people in this race so there is always a lot of crashing off the start of the race. Off the start I was about 14th going into turn 1. I got hung up by one rider and 3 guys went around the outside of me but then I passed the guy that was holding me up. That put me into 16th place. Now I had 5 full laps to go and had to pick off a bunch of guys. I passed 2 guys going into turn 2 on the next lap which bumped me into 14th place. I was pushing as hard as I could to go as fast as I knew how to. I needed to get a good finish if I wanted to keep moving up on the grid. A couple laps went by and I caught up to a group of 3 riders. One started to break away from that group and I knew if I wanted to pass him that I would have to pass the other riders quick. I passed one of the riders going into turn 10 with 3 laps to go. I drafted the next rider down the front straight away which put me into 12th place. I ended up catching and passing the next rider in the same lap which put me into 11th. One guy crashed close to the end of the race which put me into 10th. I ended up finishing in 10th place.

My next race was the 600 superbike. I was lined up 17th on the grid. I got a pretty good start and was 13th off the line. The other bikes kind of had a gap on me and I had a gap on the bikes behind me. I caught this one guy and couldn’t pass him so I was following him. He passed a guy in the second lap and then I passed the same guy and got right back behind the guy I was following. But now I was in 12th place. He passed another guy and started to pull away. I had a hard time getting around that guy but just barely did. I caught back up to the guy I had been following the whole race and he went a little wide going into 14 and I took over the position. He drafted me in the straight away and passed me going into turn 1. I passed him back going into turn 2 and we had a battle going on. He passed me later in the lap going into turn 10 and I passed him right back going into turn 11. Now I was pretty sure that I had 10th place secure. He was still right on me though, but we ended up catching 9th place. I passed him going into turn 3 and started to check out on those 2. I held 9th place all the way to the finish. My dad and I were very pleased with the race day, beacause our goal was to crack into the top ten. And we did, in both classes.

My next race was the 750 production. I was lined up 15th on the grid. Off the start I passed 2 people. Now I was in 13th place and trying to catch the pack ahead of me. The next lap going into turn 1, I out broke 12th place and passed him. There was a pack of 4 riders ahead of me now and I needed to get by them quick if I wanted to do good in this race. I caught the pack half of a lap later. I picked off 2 of them going into turn 10 by out breaking them. This put me into 10th place now. There was 2 more riders right ahead of me but one of the riders startd to pull away. I had to pass 9th place quick if I wanted a shot at getting 8th place. In the next lap I drafted 9th place going down the front straight away. I pushed myself really hard to get through turn to as fast as I could and I closed the gap on 8th place by the time that I got to turn 5. I passed him going ito turn 14 and now had to gain alot of ground on 7th place. I pushed really hard and on the last lap I caught 7th place and passed him going into turn 3. Now I was in 7th place and was excited I was doing so well. I ended up finishing in 7th place.

My next race was the 750 superbike class. I was lined up 13th on the grid. Off the start I was 10th going into turn 1. I passed 2 guys going into turn 3 and was now in 8th place. The guys ahead of me were about the same speed as me so it was going to be really hard to pass them and pull them. I passed 7th place going into turn 10 by out breaking him. Now I was right up with 6th place. I chased him lap after lap trying to pass him but couldnt. With 2 laps to go I drafted him down the front straight away and passed him. But then out of no where he passed me back going into turn 2, but then I passed him back again going into turn 3 and the battle was on. He passed me on the outside in turn 6. I passed him going into 10 and he tryed to pass me back going into 11 but I shut the door on him. I stayd ahead and started to pull away a little. I ended up catching 6th place and passed him like it was nothing. Now I was in 5th place and was pumped. I ended up holding my position and pulled away from 6th and 7th place. I finished 5th place.

I had a great time getting to do some road racing and was glad that I broke my own lap record. I was happy to bring my fastest lap time down to a 1:54.5, from a 1:57 the race before. Cant wait to road race again. Thanks a bunch to all of my sponsors for all of your help and support, we can’t thank you enough. Next up is Lodi Cycle Bowl on September 17th, 2011.  Sorry about the late race report.

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