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Bike Nights at Cycle Gear in Palmdale, CA

“Our last count was 175 bikes tonight,”  said Ken Connor, manager of Cycle Gear Palmdale. “Things are really picking up steam here.”

Cycle Gear has 95 stores across the U.S. and each store holds 6 bike nights per year. Do the math and that’s a heck of a lot of bike nights. One thing is for certain – on our first trip to the Palmdale Cycle Gear bike night on October 6, 2011 we saw first hand just how much steam the bike night in Palmdale is picking up.

We pulled the Galfer van into the parking lot a couple hours before the bike night kicked off. As we set up the tent and laid the brake rotors, brake lines, and brake pads out on the table we saw some racing lanes being set up on the blacktop. Things were getting interesting.

Riders getting ready to start the Slow Race

Turns out the team at Palmdale Cycle Gear holds a popular Slow Race series during their bike nights that draws people from as far away as Orange County (about 100 miles) who come up to watch, cheer, and compete in the contest where speed is your enemy. In the Slow Race you must rely on balance, clutch and brake control – something we’re pretty well versed in here at Galfer. In the initial heat, the first two riders across the finish line lose and the slower riders advance to the next round. Put your feet down and you’re automatically out of the race. Later heats see only one rider advance until there is only one winner – and at this bike night that winner got to ride home with a brand new Speed & Strength jacket along with their trophy.

It’s not just the Slow Race that brings folks from hundreds of miles away, it’s the atmosphere & great vibe that Ken and the Cycle Gear Palmdale team create at the event. We saw a lot of riders rolling in 2-up on their bikes and those who didn’t brave the chilly night on two wheels still showed up in their cars. A lot of great folks who love motorcycles are gathering in Palmdale for bike nights. We’ll see you there!

Next bike night: October 27, 2011 – Starts at 6:00 p.m.
Cycle Gear
550 W. Rancho Vista Blvd, Suite B
Palmdale, CA 93551

(661) 273-6113
See the event info on Facebook

See more photos from the October 6, 2011 bike night

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2011 Atlantic Beach Bike Week – A Look in the Life of a Couple Stunt Gypsies…

by Nick Hill

Even as a kid I had always dreamt of being a rock star, touring the country, playing gigs and just living life in the fast lane.  Unfortunately I was never dealt the cards of a rock star but recently I was given the opportunity to live like one while on the road with a couple of the hardest working Sportbike Freestyle Riders on the map.  Although Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil aren’t talented musically, both have successfully been able to live their lives touring the country, harmonizing to the tune of 16,000 rpm’s.

Monday, May 23

I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I agreed to ride down to Atlantic Beach, SC with Team Empire but none the less I was incredible excited and couldn’t wait to be on my way.

I left my house in Orange County to meet up with Nick Apex at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to watch a drift session on his famous ZX10. He had made arrangements with Chuckwalla to visit the facility to test for a future project with Triumph. Even though it was a little out of the way I jumped at the opportunity to witness the action.

On my way to the raceway I stopped at Parts 411 to say hello to Charlie Hon. Charlie is a good friend of mine and hooked me up with a couple of things before I headed out. Thanks Charlie!

A few hours later I made it to Chuckwalla for the first time.  The track is in the middle of the desert secluded from almost everything.  A true desert Oasis ran by some great people who are diehard racing enthusiasts.  I spent some time meeting with everyone then headed to the infield for a couple of pictures of Nick Apex and friend Alex Dunstan.

We loaded up and headed to Nicks house in Vegas for an early night before setting off to grab Ernie Vigil in Albuquerque, New Mexico the following morning. It always feels weird being in Vegas and not checking out the strip to drink and gamble.

Tuesday, May 24

We woke early to run some errands before heading out.   Read more

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2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross – FIM World Championship

Supercross Vegas

Article & Photos by Nick Hill

Vegas isn’t a stranger to high stakes, hot chicks, cold beer and warm weather which is why it’s the perfect place to host the final round of the Monster Energy Supercross. I was excited to witness what perhaps was the end of the most exciting and unpredictable season to date and the crowning of first time champion Ryan Villopoto. The weekend was exciting and might be one of the better times I’ve ever had in Vegas. Here is my adventure…

Kyle and Nick

My friend Kyle and I set off to Vegas Friday morning. Since we are both virtually unemployed we decided on a $200 budget for the weekend with high hopes of avoiding the ATM and all the other expensive temptations that Vegas had to offer. We arrived at the Excalibur around noon and after tipping the valet, Arby’s and a tank of gas I was only down $37.50.

We unpacked our bags in a room overlooking a pool filled with mayhem and booze. Right then it hit me, I had forgotten my swim shorts and I wasn’t pleased since a $40 pair of shorts would clearly send me over my budget. Lucky for me there was an abundant supply of Bud Light to drown my sorrows in just minutes away at the hotel bar. I planned to use my method of slow playing the poker machine while milking the bar for free drinks. With this I figured I could stay under my $200 weekend budget.

Kyle and I sat at the bar to wait for Sandro and Alex of Galfer. I tossed $20 into the poker machine and asked for a drink. The bartender informed me that I had to have a minimum of $20 in the machine and bet $1 a hand in order to take advantage of the free drink policy. No problem, I am good at video poker and can stretch $20 for at least an hour. Kyle on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. After listening to my “fool proof” way to beat the roulette wheel he ended up losing about $100 within the first fifteen minutes. He was bummed and I was happy I wasn’t him. I actually turned my $20 into $75 which infuriated Kyle. It was then he informed me that he wouldn’t be splitting the gas bill with me.

Nick, Alex & Sandro

Sandro and Alex finally showed up for some drinks more slots before one hell of a dinner at the casinos buffet before calling it a night. The nights tally of winnings and losing I found that I had broke even for the day which included picking up Kyle’s gas tab.

Hoover Dam

Saturday we woke early to another beautiful day. Kyle pushed the issue of checking out the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Damn was a 30min drive and I was assured that we would make it back in time to hitch a ride to Supercross with Sandro. I decided to go even though I really wanted nothing to do with the Hover Damn or even really cared to see it. It was free, it was close and Kyle really wanted to go, it made sense and I was happy we went. I didn’t realize how big it actually was and it made perfect sense why Megatron was kept there.

Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex Brocha

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at MacDonald’s for lunch then rushed back to meet with Sandro and Alex to go over to Supercross. We made it to Sam Boyd Stadium with enough time to catch the last two stunt shows outside the gates. Nick and Ernie from Team Empire put on an amazing show with KaneOne also in the mix. After the last stunt show we headed over to the Monster Energy Drink hospitality rig to relax a little before the start of the race.

We made it to our seats and watched the duration of the race standing. It was incredible, 60,000 people packed into a college stadium going absolutely ballistic was a rush. Fans partied hard in a sold out venue screaming for their favorite riders until the very end. I couldn’t begin to explain the energy I felt during that last race, it was like a drug and now I’m hooked, anxiously awaiting for the 2012 season to start.

Excalibur Hotel

After the race and unable to score passes to the heavily sought after Monster VIP party we headed back to the Excalibur to finish off our night. Losing $50 to video poker, then another $50 at a slot machine and unable to drink another drop of booze it was time to call it a night. I still had about $100 left from my budget so it was a good move.

Sunday we slept in as long as possible finally hitting the road around noon to be back in Orange County at a decent time. Dropping another $50 in gas I was still in the green. We hit Bob’s Big Boy in Baker, Calif. for lunch and it hit the spot. While waiting at the register Kyle noticed a post card for an abandoned health spa formed around an oasis just off the Zzyzx exit, just a few miles down the highway. Wikipedia told us that we needed to check this place out so we headed out after I made Kyle buy me lunch.

Car stuck at Zzyyxx

The oasis off Zzyzx was awesome. We took a couple of pictures then headed back toward the highway to explore the desert a little bit more. This proved to be a horrible mistake on my end. For one reason or another I thought it would be a good idea to take the car down a path that was clearly meant for a 4×4. It didn’t take long for that decision to bite me in the ass. I sunk the car in the loose desert sand and to top it off we were way out of sight from anyone who might drive by to notice us.

I was pleased to have cell service and was extra pleased to have an AAA Plus card. Much to my surprise AAA had a flatbed just a few miles away from us and said it was on the way. When the driver showed up he said he wasn’t able to get my car out. He claimed he would get stuck himself and since I was way off the road he would need to send a 4×4 rescue truck and that it would cost about $175 to get the car out. He also mentioned that my AAA coverage wouldn’t honor it because I was off the road. I declined so he left. 3hrs later I found someone with a 4×4 and tow rope that pulled us out back onto the harder ground. Of course I felt compelled to pay the dude for his help costing me my last $45. We eventually made it home around 7pm having to explain why the car was covered in sand and dust.

Supercross Vegas

If you get the chance make sure you try to hit one of these venues for 2012 (see below). I plan to hit both Aneheim dates and make it back to Vegas for the finale.

2012 AMA Supercross Championship calendar:

7 January Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif.
14 January Chase Field Phoenix
21 January Dodger Stadium Los Angeles
28 January Stadium Oakland
4 February Angel Stadium Anaheim, Calif.
11 February Qualcomm Stadium San Diego
18 February Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas
25 February Georgia Dome Atlanta
3 March Edward Jones Dome St. Louis
10 March Daytona Int’l Speedway Daytona, Fla.
17 March Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis
24 March Rogers Centre Toronto, ON
31 March Reliant Stadium Houston
14 April Louisiana Superdome New Orleans
21 April Qwest Field Seattle
28 April Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City
5 May Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas

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AMA Road Racing Tests at Miller Motorsports Park

Article & Photos by Stephen Clark

Following a seven week break since Daytona, the AMA paddock arrived at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for a two-day official test. It has been three years since the AMA paddock last visited Miller so the test would help the teams and riders set-up bikes and gain valuable track knowledge prior to racing Miller in conjunction with World Superbike on May 28-30.

Chilly morning at Miller

The test kicked off bright and early on Monday morning with a Daytona Sportbike session under clear blue skies but with cold temperatures. Some riders chose to sit out this first session as temperatures were so cold that it would tear up tires. As the morning rolled on the temperatures began to rise and more riders took to the track.

One rider who took to the track immediately in spite of the cold forty degree temperatures was seventeen year old, Galfer-supported PJ Jacobson on a Celtic Racing / Fast by Ferracci Ducati in the Daytona Sportbike class.

PJ Jacobsen

PJ topped the time sheets in the opening sessions and remained near the top in every session throughout the test.

Jason DiSalvo

Later in the first day fellow Galfer rider Jason DiSalvo on a Latus Racing Ducati 848 joined PJ at the top of the sheets. It seemed the long mile front straight and fast configuration of the Miller Perimeter track was favoring the Ducati’s 848’s as the four cylinder machines couldn’t quite match the times of the V-Twins. DiSalvo and Jacobsen were both running Galfer pads, rotors and Accossato master cylinders and were quickest in every session and by the end of the second day both riders were down into the 1:55’s with Disalvo just three tenths of a second faster than Jacobsen. Josh Herrin was the fastest of the four cylinder 600’s on a Graves Yamaha R6 posting a quickest time of 1:56.543.

Team Yoshimura Rockstar Makita Suzuki

The 1000 cc rocketship machines in the Daytona Superbike class were making short work of the Miller track, lapping nearly five seconds a lap quicker than the already quick Sportbike riders. With many world-class riders and top teams, the Daytona Superbike class is very competitive but no team has as many wins in recent years as the Yoshimura Rockstar Makita Suzuki team who run Galfer products on their Suzuki GSX-R 1000’s. Riders Blake Young, Tommy Hayden and Josh Waters make up the elite three rider team.

Blake Young

From the beginning of the test Monster Energy Graves Yamaha rider Josh Hayes was the man to beat and was the only rider to break into the 1:50’s on the first day. But on the second day Blake Young posted a lap of 1:50.840 just shy of Haye’s fastest lap. Tommy Hayden wasn’t far behind with the fourth quickest lap and Josh Waters seventh quickest.


Team Hammer M4 Suzuki

Also in the Superbike class Team Hammer were running Galfer products on their M4 Suzuki’s. Although new to the Superbike class Martin Cardenas ran extremely well posting the fifth quickest time while his team mate Chris Ulrich ended the test 15th.

Benny Solis Jr.

Young Galfer rider Benny Solis Jr. ran well at the test in the Supersport sessions posting the quickest time on the first day of a 1:58.565 session on his Roadracing Honda CBR600. Benny is only sixteen years old and has already achieved a lot in his career winning a WERA National Championships and the US Red Bull Rookies Cup. Team LTD had their Columbian riders of Tomas Puerta and David Gaviria at the test who both ran very well on both days on their Galfer prepared R6’s. On the second day Gaviria stepped it up and began knocking a second of his times each session and ended the test with the quickest time in the class of 1:57.988. Solis ended the test with the second fastest time with Corey Alexander third.

David Gaviria

With superbikes running close to 190mph on the long front straight the Miller track is notoriously demanding on brakes and the riders rely heavily on braking performance to run quickly. With many riders using Galfer products, Galfer has technicians at most races to provide support to the teams as they work on braking performance. Brake Technician Robert Davilla attended the Miller test and spent the test in the pit lane working with the different teams and also listening to feedback from riders on how the brakes are performing. This valuable feedback helps Galfer further develop brake products for both racing and street use.

From Miller the AMA Paddock will head to California for round 2 at Infineon on May 13-15 before returning again to Miller on May 28-30. Based on the incredibly close racing at Daytona and the times at Miller, the racing is sure to be good at Infineon.

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Stopping in Daytona: Preparation and Trackside Support

Photo by Rob Nelson

Photo by Rob Nelson

Photo by Rob Nelson

The Daytona 200 is one of those events that will allow Galfer to highlight exactly how our products perform on a racing platform. This is why Galfer is one of the only braking companies to offer trackside support during the races. We show up to Daytona ready to work, and to assist anyone running Galfer components. Our company was built on performance and its important to us as a company that we support the teams that support us. By the time we arrive at Daytona Motor Speedway much of our support has already been handled. The teams already have decided on pad compounds, line configurations, and which rotors to run, building the best braking system possible. Preparation is everything and will ultimately lead to winning results.

Robert working with the race team

Robert working with the race team

In support of the Daytona 200 we will bring two technicians (with over 20yrs experience between them) with all of the necessary tools to support them. Assisting these techs will be an additional employee to oversee everything while walking up and down pit row to ensure everyone’s braking systems are working correctly, offering suggestions, taking notes, collecting data and making sure everything is going according to plan. The smallest detail can’t be overlooked and won’t be on our watch.

When you think of Daytona you imagine splashy waves on a white beach in the warm sun. When we think of Daytona we hear revving motors competing with screaming fans. Organized chaos at its best with everyone behind the scenes chasing after the same thing… the checkered flag.

Photo credit: Rob Nelson

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Galfer at the Long Beach Motorcycle Show

The GALFER crew had a great time this past weekend at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show! It was really good to see everyone that stopped by the GALFER booth and took advantage of our show specials and signed up to win a $500 shopping spree with Motorcycle Superstore. We will announce the winner at the end of the International Motorcycle Show tour.

If you didn’t get the chance to see us this weekend or you have a technical question on brakes or GALFER products please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Visit Galfer at the International Motorcycle Show

Once again it’s time for the Long Beach international Motorcycle Show. Swing by the Galfer USA booth and sign up to win a $500.00 shopping spree from Motorcycle Superstore! Our staff will be onsite and available at booth #546 to sell you anything from the Galfer product line or to answer any technical questions you might have.

Oh yeah, and for your viewing pleasure we have also booked a hot model to entertain your friends while you shop! Consider it an early Christmas gift from GALFER.

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